Anna Banguilan is a creator of many things. She has spent most of her life as a graphic designer and print and promotion specialist, co-owning several design and print studios and currently a consulting and marketing studio. In 2010 she co-created Universal Energy Radio, an internet radio station to help herself and others live a joyful and happy life. In 2013 she co-authored a #1 best selling book, “Conversations that make a difference, stories supporting a bigger vision” and shares her life changing story and why she wants to assist others. She is a law of attraction life coach and business consultant, sharing techniques to shift perspective and open up unlimited possibilities in every aspect of life. She enjoys sharing varying perspectives and being a soul marketeer. Should you find yourself wanting to share an empowering story, if you would like a copy of her book, or a fresh set of eyes and third party perspective, get in touch. Sometimes it just takes that next step.

  • Branding and Marketing Coach
  • Radio Talk Show Host
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Promotions specialist
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Speaker
  • Author

My intention:
Co-create Your Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic Brand so you can share your gifts with the world! It’s time to get inspired, create for the ultimate success!
“life is a journey, be happy where you are and watch where YOU take you!”


” I truly value your opinion and I thank you so much for believing in me”
I just want to take the time to tell you how much your guidance and your support has meant to me on this journey called life. For the past 3yrs, you have helped me with design work, branding my business, marketing consultations, life shifts and above all a wonderful friendship. When I met you I was at a point where I was ready for a transition from corporate america to allowing my inner designer to come out and play. This has been wonderful because you helped me every step of the way. I truly value your opinion and I thank you so much for believing in me and helping me believe that I can achieve my goals.

Peace & Blessing to you

 Lisa Collins
Textile & Handcraft Jewelry Artisan
Brown Suga Chic, LLC.
” Anna knows how to get the job done effectively, quickly & aesthetically”

 Anna Banguilan is as multifaceted as her art work & ability to use the Law of Attraction as an effective facilitation tool. As a designer & marketing expert, Anna knows how to get the job done effectively, quickly & aesthetically matched to the client. As a Law of Attraction Coach, Anna knows how to lovingly communicate with a compassion & joyful heart, & zero in on the issue. Anna’s unique process, empowers her coaching clients to create their own empowering changes with her guidance & support.”

Liz Ortiz-Mackes: Owner, Casting Solutions & I Ain’t Playin Films


“I am an Anna Fan!”

Identifying my dreams and goals were never a question, however, manifesting my dreams was an obstacle that I was not sure I could hurdle.

Through affirmative consciousness and being open to unlimited possibilities I was able to start pursuing my dreams.  Thank you Anna for teaching me the power of consciouness and  how to manifest my dreams into reality. Within one year of working with Anna I have manage to start my own business and create amazing opportunites for myself and those around me.–

I am an Anna Fan!!!!!!!Julie Osborne
J.O.E. Entertainment

Anna is the best and has always helped me to try more creative efforts. Through her inspiration I have done so much in all my efforts.”

Peter Stapleton


“Anna took the project on head first and came out with some amazing results! “

“I first worked with Anna on a personal music project. Some of what I needed from Anna was within her realm of expertise and also some totally new techniques to her studio. Anna took the project on head first and came out with some amazing results! These included great (as always) T Shirts and banners. But this also included some great CD packaging and screen printing directly on CD’s. Most people that see our products produced with  Anna are blown away. It has helped us have an extremely unique product in a sea of other artists. I cannot say enough good things about Anna and Studio 8.”

Andrew Velker


“I would walk through fire to get to Anna and her family if I had to do it. Every time we have worked together, it has been a positive experience. Anna includes her family in the business we have shared together. She definitely has a circle of warmth around her while she seemingly effortlessly gets business done. She has involved my family in business too. Anna’s style makes for strong bonds and motivates others to go the extra mile with her.”

Diana Burdette, Chemist and Group Leader, EPA


“brilliantly creative”

“Anna is brilliantly creative and has produced outstanding products for us. We still receive congratulations and Kudos for our creative work that was created by Anna nearly four years ago. I would definitely use Anna for any project again!”

Kelly Rasmussen,
Owner, CEO, Success Communications Inc.


 “Anna works WITH us and has our best interests at heart.”

As close friends and business associates Anna B. has been and always will be a huge inspiration in my life. I will never be able to say enough about my Anna B. (normal). Anna supports and inspires me and helps make my dreams come true.  What a gift! for that I will always be in gratitude to her.  As the designer of a t-shirt line, Anna helps with the design artwork and screen printing process to bring our designs to life.  She has always shared all she has and that is a wealth of knowledge with many years of experience in the graphic design, advertising and screen printing industries.  Our print jobs vary from simple to complex. Anna has always been accommodating and a great problem solver for what ever project is thrown her way.  She is very honest, straight forward, hard working, attentive to detail, funny! and extremely creative. Anna works WITH us and has our best interests at heart.  She encourages me when I need it, makes me laugh always, gives bits of advice that have made a profound difference in my life, leads by example and will kick me in the ass when I need that too. We have printers locally. You would think we were crazy for going long distance (3.5 hours) for our print work.  The quality of Anna’s work and the knowledge and expertise she gives makes it worth our time to use her for all of our printing needs. Not to mention the fun and sisterhood we share as the work get done. Quality is essential in communicating our brand to our customers. Anna understands this and always delivers the quality we expect.  I highly recommend Anna to anyone for life coaching, design work, branding, marketing, friendship.  I just can’t say enough in words. Anyone fortunate enough to have Anna as a small part in their life will no doubt be better for it!


Debbie Goff, President, Horizen LLC, South Carolina


“she listens”

Hi to those considering using Anna for her design work;
Anna, has designed two different graphic packages for me, one 10 years ago and the other in April,’12. I didn’t bother getting local bids, I went directly to her because of my experience 10 years ago. I was delighted she was able and willing to help me on my present project.
What I appreciate so much about her work is that she listens to me describe the “feel” of what I want, the look, the image, the impact and then is bold in the options she presents to me. I’m not graphically talented but I know what I like when I see it. Happily I can say, she is terrific about taking feedback and eager, from start to finish to give me what feels right for me and my projects.   I love the final products and the process was exciting and fun as well. If you want to see what she did for me, check out my new site (as of 9.12) cbdoyle.com. If you would like to talk with me personally about my experiences with Anna, feel free to call me at 609.206.2009      .  It would be a pleasure.  Working with her is going to give you the results you want (she will settle for nothing less) and at a fair price.
Most Sincerely, Cathryn Bond Doyle, Medford Lakes, NJ
 “She is encouraging and insightful”
Anna Banguilan has been a wonderful guide in our LOA (Law of Attraction) meetings. She is encouraging and insightful. She continues to reach out to others to share what a difference LOA can make. It has made a huge difference in my family. I love to see the ripple effects it makes with my friends as well.”

Anita Stewart

Tool Box

“People need people”
When you are thinking about, starting, and growing your business, it is important to get a TEAM together.
Your team would certainly support you both practically and emotionally, give you feedback and co-create with you on your journey.

“on websites”
Start somewhere! Get a web presence, preferably a way for people to contact you and maybe a place for them to get on your list.
I suggest a wordpress site, self hosted (see below). Register YOUR OWN DOMAIN (own it!!) you should pay no more that $15 PER YEAR!
Get your own hosting (cpanel for wordpress) I recommend Hostgator (approx $65 a year), I have used them for years and I own several sites.

“on domains and hosting”

It is important that you own your own domain name & host your own website.
Stay away from an “all in 1” package when it comes to domains, hosting etc.

Website Domain: You should never spend more than $15 A YEAR on domains unless you are buying a high end name from a broker AND that is a 1X FEE

Website Hosting:
Hostgator Starting at $3.95 a month. I recommend a biz package if you are in business and have multiple domains AND if you buy a year of hosting you get a discount…

This is a way of sending a message, ezine, article, marketing campaign, etc. to your list.
Autoresponders make it easy because you can set up multiple messages at one time, including the date and time you would like them to be sent. They also allow for name and email (and other info) to be collected on your website.
Mailchimp The FREE version allows emails and the paid version allows the use of the autoresponder
Aweber Try is for 30 days for $1

Looking for a more 1 on 1 all things branding and marketing? email me to set up a FREE strategy call to see how I may be of service.


Get to know Adobe Illustrator!
June 30, 2012
Friends Consulting & Marketing, LLC
4896 N. Royal Atlanta Drive
Suite 305
Tucker, GA 30084

This is the LAST TIME this class will be at $55 (Value $397)
Need examples of WHAT you can do?
click portfolio

-Creating Banners
-Creating Logos
-Creating Graphics
-Editing shortcuts
-Vector vs Raster
-Font Selection
-Explanation of tool bar

Bring your laptop, you can download a FREE 30 day trial at Adobe.com
Questions and or to RSVP? email: ask@annabanguilan.com or call 770.270.2222    


The best ways to contact me:
email: anna@friendsintheloop.com
Phone: 678 871 9865
Skype: Anna.Banguilan

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